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Our company and what we offer

Working with us is a special and a passionate experience. It is important to know that like any other job, the activity may be sometimes really demanding. A photographer often overcomes himself and must be dynamic, good seller, polite and with counselling skills.
We carefully select our staff, the main criteria being:

  1. mastering foreign languages,
  2. excitement in learning new things
  3. receptivity
  4. perseverance in specialization
  5. suitable skills for the communication,
  6. socialization and interaction processes.

Depending on the skills of each student, the activity can take place on two directions: photographer and photo advisor. Each position in our company requires responsibilities, obligations, includes rights and advantages that every employee should know and respect.

Duration agreement

Contracts have a minimum period of 7 months.

Advantages working with us

It is undoubtedly a unique professional and personal experience. Develop yourself professionally in an environment that combines both passion and work, while performance is rewarded and career opportunities are numerous. Be creative, exhibit your talent! Each our member embarks on an incomparable human adventure that opens opportunities for new horizons. A real source of enrichment; you will share unforgettable moments with people of different cultures who, why not, will become your friends.
Furthermore, all photographers and photo advisors have one day off per week; thanks to the particular locations where they works, there are various leisure options day trips, beach and many other temptations of summer.


The quality of services is essential for us, this is the reason why we focus on training our team constantly, in our training center located in Analipsi Hersonissos, in order to recruit and train our staff – photographers and photo advisors.
The recruitment and formation internship consists of intensive photography training. The participants will learn the notions and the secrets of the professional portrait photography, adapting them in the future to the place where they will work. In parallel, we will teach our students a course regarding sales and negotiation techniques, teamwork, attitude and behavior, which are essential elements in hotel structures.
The analysis of socio-linguistic competences is very important during the training, as well: attitude, socialize abilities, discipline, availability, mastering/knowing a foreign language (besides English) intermediate or advanced etc, represent important criteria in the recruitment process.
Finally, we provide support via e-mail/phone/ regular meetings, for giving answer to particular questions of each member of our staff and to sustain him in the professional development.

All about Photographer

  • Takes photos all day long, being present at the main daily activities ( cocktail games, themed evenings and all sort of different activities).
  • Suggests and achieves professional photo sessions (depending on the period and the location of the club: sunset on the beach, an exotic garden, with a characteristic architecture etc ).
  • Takes professional training courses in order to specialize in portrait photography, particularly focused on holiday clubs.
  • Contributes in entertaining tourists.

All about Photo Advisor

  • Explains the way our photo service functions and the use of the tactile panels.
  • Contributes to the general atmosphere in the club.
  • Manages the functional part of the photo space ( receiving, printing photos).
  • Supports, informs and guides the customers regarding all photography aspects.
  • Takes individual, professional training courses, particularly focused on holiday clubs.
What to have in mind

Working with will be a challenge for all recruited ones, implying dynamism and teamwork, along with photo advisor. An effective collaboration, reflected in an organized and responsible work will materialize in significant incomes, besides the basic fixed salary guaranteed. By reaching the fixed target there will be financial benefits on both sides, because the company offers sales percentage bonus.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details, we are always here to answer your questions.
Good luck and hope to see you in the next training course!

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